Sunday, December 18, 2016


This week, I don't really feel like I have all that much to say.  I watched this amazing TedTalk yesterday and really what I most want to share is this talk:

John Francis: Walk the 17 year vow of silence

Please watch it - a great way to spend the next 18 minutes.  A total delight, and an amazing story of his life - one part Forrest Gump, one part Gandhi.  I really really love this guy.

Update 1/6/17: I notice that since I heard this guy's story, something new has been inspired within me.  To me, he's a beautiful picture of profound success.  Not that more common type of success, but the success of keeping a deep personal commitment, of walking a long path to deep wisdom, of cultivating a wild allegiance to one's own truth.  His ability to hold to his inner commitments to not ride in a motorized vehicle and then to not speak for decades absolutely astounds me.  I think his story resonates for me because I feel like I'm of a similar breed.  I have pretty outlandish idealistic impulses, and sometimes, I even have a glimmer of the kind of fortitude his story illustrates.  He makes me curious about what it would look like if I was more focused about cultivating these traits in myself.     

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