Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A New Narrative

Hello Friends! 

I took a major hiatus from the blog, and I really needed it.  Trying to force the weekly post became a drag, and then a fit of recycled old posts, and then a stress - and so, I let it go.

But now, I finished my yoga teacher training (yay!) and with the space I was dedicating to that endeavor opening up, I'm ready to move in new directions.

Randomly, about a month or so ago, an ad for a Tedx conference near me came across my screen and intrigued me to think of my own idea worth spreading.  As I dove into this for a bit, I found that one of the application requirements was a short video explaining your idea.  I've actually never recorded myself on my phone camera, but the prodding in the little advertisement was convincing, and I happened to be all alone at home at the time, so I thought: "what the hell!  Let's if this little idea floating around in my mind has any coherence and clarity at all."  You can judge for yourself.

I never did apply to do that Ted Talk.  But maybe someday.

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