Sunday, September 20, 2020

Imagine a world...

One of my favorite things to stumble upon when exploring a cute and unique shop is a display of interesting note cards.  Decades ago, on one such adventure, I found a note card with this image:

Painting by Karen Kerney

Immediately, I resonated with it and added it to my collection.  I especially loved the words in the image:
"...and the world changed"

I recently found the image online and ordered it in a poster size to hang on the wall in front of my desk.  Looking at it throughout my workdays has been soothing to me.  It's been reconnecting me to my hope that the world can truly change.  And over this last week, I decided to set an intention for these last months of 2020: to stoke that hope and work to align my choices with the things that give that hope a fighting chance. 

As one such step in that direction, I closed out my Facebook page for a break yesterday.  Watching The Social Dilemma recently made me hyperaware of the manipulative and polarizing effect social media is having, especially around political elections, and I could see it impacted me, bringing out sides of me that I didn't like.  As my last post, I shared this video that I've been holding on to for awhile, waiting for the right time to share:

This video so brilliantly describes the moment I feel we are in and the hope that we will radically alter our course in the direction of peace with one another, honoring of our planet and all who share this home, and creativity in designing our civilization anew.  

So here's to the hope for a peaceful, sustainable and harmonious human race.  🙏


CraveCute said...

The video is very powerful. Thanks for sharing. I'll pass it on to my friends too.

Megan said...

Thanks for your comment, and I agree. I recently discovered Daniel Schmatenberger, the man speaking in the video. He has such a profound way of understanding and communicating about where we are, and although to some it may sound a bit doomsday, I actually feel a lot of hope to hear someone so clearly name the issues and what's needed to address them.